Arthur Mithcell Comedian

"Inventive, playful and very funny;
great jokes and a delightful delivery"

- Luke Toulson


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Big Nose Comedy

Zebranos, 18 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 4DS

7:00 pm, Wednesday, 29th November 2023 

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If nothing else, Arthur Mitchell does try; repeatedly. Only when it is blindingly obvious that his best efforts stand no chance of success, does he re-commit and try again. And what is Arthur reaching for exactly? Simply to feel the way everyone else must; fairly ordinary, one of the crowd and not some outsider....

He wants to make friends, have a great relationship, hold down a job and not get barred from the pub. Even these ambitions, though modest, are hampered by failure, rejection and a tendency to unwittingly insult the patrons at his local boozer. Yet, Arthur's life is not defined by defeat but a baffling optimism that things will work out fine 'next time'. As he says, "If you haven't made it by 60, give yourself another 5 years!"

Arthur falls down, gets up and falls down again. He's going to take another look at things asking, "Should I keep trying" and invites you to share his private thoughts as he considers his situation.

In his unique way, he has analysed his attempts at success in life and condensed his numerous hard-won failures into a collection of snappy absurdist one-liners and leftfield stories. "He's a bit like a crumpled British Demetri Martin" said comedy director and author Chris Head. That sums up his look and his style. Meanwhile comedian Luke Toulson describes him as "Inventive, playful and very funny; great jokes and a delightful delivery". Tony Vino from Just Fair Laughs says, "One of the most overwhelmingly enjoyable character acts we've seen in some time" adding, "A heady mix of one-liners, stories and clever observations from a man underwhelmed by life itself!"

In 1989, Arthur was appointed Employee Of The Month (joint winner) for his work in re-organising the stationary cupboard at Business Support (now defunct). An award for which he remains extremely proud.

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Past Shows

The "Still Got It" Show

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, EH1 1QR

Mon 22nd - Sun 28th Aug, 7:30pm

Part of the Edinburgh Fringe

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The "Still Got It" Show

Hen and Chickens Theatre, N1 2NA

Sat 6th Aug, 3pm

Part of the Camden Fringe

The "Still Got It" Show

Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, BN1 3GJ

Mon 23rd May, 8:30pm
Tue 24th May, 8:30pm
Tue 25th May, 8:30pm

Part of the Brighton Fringe

The 'Still Got It' show

Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, Hackney, N1 3DT

Sun 6th Mar, 5pm

Tickets £10

Up the Creek


Sun 13th Feb 2022

The "Still Got It!" Show at the Brighton Fringe

Caxton Arms, Brighton, BN1 3LB

14th - 16th June